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Q: How much glass do I need?


Answer: The amount of glass for each fireplace varies depending on size and fill depth. Full size fireplaces within the home have a 36" long x 18" deep x 3" fill level take about 90-100 pounds. We find that most average size fireplaces (24"x 18 deep x 3") take 50-60 pounds.


*To calculate the amount of Aquatic Glassel specialty glass needed for your fireplace multiply the length (inches) x depth (inches) x fill (2 or 3 inches) then divide by 231 then multiply by 12 to get pounds.


Q: What fill level or thickness do you recommend for the glass?


Answer: Your entire fireplace floor minimum. One can even build up the fill level to bury any gas nozzle that extends from the wall. This option is up to the individual as the cost increases per pound. However, we find best fire and flame results from a fill thickness between 2" and 3". Fireplaces that are flush with the floor or hearth usually have a wedge shaped fill level starting at ½" up front to about 3"-4" at the back wall.


Q: Do I need sand in the bottom of my fireplace?


Answer: No. This is a good question. The Aquatic Glassel tempered glass pieces act as a natural medium to scatter the gas in random order, thus, creating unique flames. One does not need sand unless one has noisy gas pipes or burner pipes and the sand can act as a’ muffler’ and allow the user to increase gas with less noise. We have found if you install a small piece of steel wool in the pipes this works just as well.


Q: What if I don’t know my fireplace dimensions; can I still order your product?


Answer: Yes. The amount of glass for each fireplace varies depending on size and fill depth. Full size fireplaces within the home have a 36" long x 24" deep x 3" fill level and take about 90-100 pounds of glass. We find that average size fireplaces (24"x 18 deep x 4") take 50-60 pounds. Any excess glass ordered can be returned for full refund and credit anytime within 30 days.


Q: Will your glass work in any type of gas fireplace?


Answer: Yes. We have hundreds customers who use this product with both natural gas and propane gas sources including natural gas and propane outdoor fire pits.


Q: Will the glass fall out if my fireplace has no front ‘lip’ or ‘edge’?


Answer: No. What we have done with hundreds of installations is to form the glass bedding in a wedge shape. One can start with ½" glass up front near the edge and form the ‘wedge’ shape to 3"-4" in the back wall. This eliminates concern for falling glass.


Q: Where shall I set my burner in the fireplace?


Answer: That depends entirely on what type of flame you desire, the number and type of burner pipe(s) and the size of your fireplace. We like to center the burner pipes and actually center the holes in the burner pipe. The flame has a tendency to be drawn up and moves towards the rear wall. If one sets the burner pipe front center of the fireplace the viewing of the flames is spectacular.


Q: Is a burner pipe needed?


Answer: Yes. The burner pipe is used for the gas and is placed directly under the Aquatic Glassel tempered glass pieces.


Q: Can I use your glass product in an outdoor fire pit?


Answer: Yes, absolutely. This product is used in hundreds of outdoor fire pit applications and is easily cleaned simply with water. The evening brilliance is wonderful.


Q: Will the glass around the burner pipe get hot?


Answer: Yes. The glass around the burner pipe is warm as one can usually place one’s hand directly on the glass next to the flame; but not within because the glass within the flame is hot. Like all products that conduct heat the longer the fireplace is on the warmer the surrounding glass will get. One remarkable product attribute is after one turns off the gas the glass cools rapidly on top yet remains warm below radiating heat for hours.


Q: Will the Aquatic Glassel product work with propane?


Answer Yes. However, when one uses propane in one’s fireplace it is very important to be sure the bottom of the fireplace is sealed completely as propane gas has a tendency to sink whereas natural gas tends to rise. A safety alternative would be to use a’ pan’ in the bottom of your fireplace with your burner pipe to deflect the propane gas upward.


Q: Is your product odorless?


Answer Yes. One of the many product qualities and attributes is that there is no odor whatsoever and the product burns cleanly without any degradation at all.


Q: Will the burner pipe be visible?


Answer: No. We cover the entire burner pipe. However, sometimes the fireplace owner does have the gas inlet exposed due to the location where the plumbing was done. Several of our fireplace owners add glass to cover everything within their fireplace.

Q: Can I cover my gas inlet with the Aquatic Glassel tempered glass?


Answer: Yes. Most all of our fireplace owners who install Aquatic Glassel make every attempt to cover the gas inlet. This is optional as it does not increase the cost of your system by increasing the amount of glass purchased but is truly worth the end result. If you need to raise the level of glass, use filler underneath the surface glass. 909 989 6129

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