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Dealer Inquiries

Please call our Offices at 909-989-6129 to inquire about becoming a Retailer, Distributor. Our direct email or if you are sending pictures is:

Becoming a Moderustic/Aquatic Glassel  Distributor:

Being authorized as a Moderustic/ Aquatic Glassel Distributor requires more than the ability to purchase required volumes. Beyond the parameters outlined, we will examine your proposed market area and make an effort, along with you, to determine the likelihood of your success and the impact on existing distribution. Of considerable importance to us is the validity of your company business plan with regard to Moderustic/ Aquatic Glassel products. You will be asked to provide us with a letter of intent or a written description of your marketing objectives and strategies.

Click here for a copy of our requirements and criteria letter

We will be unveiling our first distribution trailer at the Las Vegas Home Show on April 28, 29 and 30th in the Cashman Convention Center. We are accepting applications for distribution of Aquatic Glassel using these fully equipped show trailers complete with a working fireplace and a full display of Glassel and related products! This is the first trailer of 6 that have been accounted and allocated for and there will be dozens more upon approval of distribution/ dealerships. After the show in Las Vegas we will post the pictures and many more details of the trailers and what is entailed in the marketing and dealerships for Aquatic Glassel. We are launching a national campaign with the sales or distribution of Aquatic Glassel with dozens of tailor made trailers and marketing ideas to almost fit anyone’s needs.


The next few pictures below are of out Show Trailer at the Palm Springs Village Fest every Thursday evening! We set up at 5:00 pm and stay until 10:00 pm every Thursday. We added awnings just recently and as you can see it was a much needed feature. We are always updating and planning all of our future trailers for our shows and for our future dealers. My next trailer is a 24' x 12' x 8' wide ultimate trailer!



Our Vortex Fires always draw a large crowd in the evenings.




We typically have a fire and water feature table along for additional entertainment, but we decided to build a bigger and better one for out trailer. We should have it ready to take along by November 2008. It will include fiber optics, water feature, obviously our glass and a ring of fire all around the glass with a dancing water center.





Our Vortex Fires at night time!



The show display below is the first of our dealer trailers and will be in Las Vegas April 28, 29 and 30th. for the first time to be seen in public. This is the first of 6 that have been ordered by new displaying dealers. There will be several different types of trailers but mostly 16' and 20' trailers.

trailer 1trailer 2

trailer 3trailer 4

Over 350 different colors and products will be displayed along with a working fireplace.

trailer 5trailer 6

trailer 7trailer 8

trailer 9trailer 10

trailer 11trailer 12

These trailers are DC powered and also come with a generator so lighting is not a problem.

trailer 13trailer 14

Side access or rear access is not a problem.

Any comments or questions please e mail me

trailer 15trailer 16

Here are a few pictures of out trailer at the Village Fest. Very exciting!

The pictures below are of the crowds we attract at any and all of the shows we go to. We burn natural a gas fireplace and a fire pit at all shows and we have a propane fire pit as well.

We set up downtown Palm Springs every Thursday evening on Palm Canyon Drive (HWY 111) 909 989 6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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