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Q: Is the glass sharp?


Answer: No. The special processing (patent pending process) allows the glass to be and feel smooth with rounded edges. There is a special process involved thereafter to assure the glass is safe and not sharp at all. One can literally pick up and squeeze the glass pieces without risk of cuts or glass slivers. However, like all glass products, one can degrade and sharpen this product by dropping or misusing the glass. Our glass is not to be confused with other overly prices sharp shards of look-a-like knock offs. Please use common sense.


Q: Are there any odors from the glass?


Answer: No. The glass is clean and does not degrade nor generate any malodorous nor odiferous fumes from Aquatic Glassel products.


Q: Does your product produce any bi-products?


Answer: No. None. The product is resistant to natural gas flames and natural gas burns relatively clean. Unless Beauty or Cool are products.


Q: Do I need to leave the flue open when in use?


Answer: Yes. We suggest at anytime one burns any product within one’s home there is ample ventilation. Although some persons may argue opening the chimney flue is not necessary, we suggest you always leave your flue open when your fireplace is in use.


Q: Is your product safe around children?


Answer: Like any household product, toy, or furnishing one must consider safety measures at all times. Although a fireplace screen is optional for Aquatic Glassel product attributes, we STRONGLY urge you to consider fireplace screens as preventative measures for safety of your children’s curiosity at all times.


Q: Is the glass chemically treated?


Answer: No. There is neither chemical treatment nor surface coating on the glass at all nor are there any chemical by products generated from using Aquatic Glassel products.


Q: Are screens or glass doors needed?


Answer: No. Other than for child’s safety and curiosity there is no obvious reason to keep any screens on the fireplace unless your décor presents a need. There is no popping or risk of burning ash from the product as risk to your home.


Q: Will the glass around the burner pipe get hot?


Answer: Yes. The glass around the burner pipe is warm as one can usually place one’s hand directly on the glass next to the flame; but not within because the glass within the flame is hot. Like all products that conduct heat the longer the fireplace is on the warmer the surrounding glass will get. One remarkable product attribute is after one turns off the gas the glass cools rapidly on top yet remains warm below radiating heat for hours.


Q: Will the glass break any further when in use?


Answer: No. The Aquatic Glassel product will last literally and virtually forever when left within the fireplace. Like all glass products there is a risk of breaking pieces during transport and mishandling. When one re-installs the product after moving there may be some glass sediment or broken pieces at the bottom of your container. 909 989 6129

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Moderustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane Fireplaces