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Todd Gilbert Table

These next few pictures speak for them selves. We will identify all the pictures as soon as we can. In the mean time, enjoy one of our newer product lines. This table is and has:

Stainless Steel construction

Fiber Optics, 4 color (300 fibers installed in this one)

Spinning Water

Dripping Water

Squirting Water

This unit burns on Propane, (Natural Gas available)

Rope Lighting (incandescent)

Lowers to 19"

Raises to 42"

Will be wrapped with granite on the lower portion

Wrapped with Black Aluminum Panels on the upper portion (raising upper half)

and of course a choice of over 500 different types of glass!

Manual Hydraulic (electric an option)

So here is how and what we did. Please let us know your thoughts.


Below you can see the Durock has been applied and the black side panels are installed

The base will be covered in granite and possibly a matching top. We will post pictures as soon as Todd finishes the table.

The table site down to 19"and rises to 42" for a nice cocktail table as well. The intention was to only rise to 29" for dining height. It worked out very well. The only item Todd will have to do is to add a piece of black material with Velcro to conceal the gap if he chooses to raise the table to maximum height.

Here we go up and down.

A 4 12" corner panels are removable to service all of the components if you should ever need to.

It is sitting on it's crate as the platform. Now it is on it's way to Florida. As soon as we have finished pictures we will post them for you to see. 909 989 6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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