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The amount of glass for each fireplace varies depending on size and fill depth, (2" OR 3"). Full size fireplaces within the home have a 36" long in the front x 24" wide in the rear and 16” deep (from front to back) x 3" fill level and take about 75 pounds of glass and 50 LBS for a 2" fill with filler underneath (crushed lava rock). Any excess glass ordered can be returned for full refund and credit anytime within 30 days.

We have a sample pricing page for you to look at to get a better idea of pricing and the difference between 2" and 3" methods for fireplaces."CLICK HERE"



E.G. 30" x 16" x 3" = 1440, 1440 divided by 231 = 6.23, 6.23 x 12 = 74 lbs (3" of glass)

E.G. 30" x 16" x 2" = 960, 960 divided by 231 = , 4.16 x 12 = 50 lbs (2" of glass)

The 30 is derived by the average from the front and the back. (36”(front) + 24”(back)= 60”, 60/2 = 30”

There are 231 cubic inches of glass per 12 pounds.

The glass is delivered in 5 gallon buckets at 60 lbs. per bucket and that equates to 12 lbs per gallon.

There are 19.25 cubic inches of glass per pound. So if you only need 38 lbs, that's all we send. We sell you only
what you need and don't force feed you any extra glass.

For FIRE PITS: (round) with a raised peak or with out a raised peak:

E.G. 24"
24 x 24 = 576, 576 x 1 1/2"(height/depth of glass) = 864, 864 divided by 231 = 3.74, 3.74 x 12 (lbs per gallon) = 45 lbs, 45 x .8 (because it is round) = 36 lbs needed for a 24" fire pit.

This is the same formula for any size of fire pit and be sure to change the depth from 1" to 1 1/2" to avoid any mistakes. We will ask you when you call for the inside dimensions of your fire pit to re calculate to insure you don't over price or over order any glass.

Cheat Sheet for round Fire Pits:

24" 1 1/2" depth of glass = 36 lbs
24" 1" depth of glass = 24 lbs

30" 1 1/2" depth of glass = 56lbs
30" 1" depth of glass = 38lbs

36" 1 1/2" depth of glass = 80lbs
36" 1" depth of glass = 56lbs

48" 1 1/2" depth of glass = 144lbs
48" 1" depth of glass = 96lbs


The base of this should be filled with either crushed lava rock or pea gravel to minimize on the cost.
There are many ways to save money on your fire pit installations, IG: use a 2", 3", 4" or even a 6" border to minimize the actual size / area of where the glass is to go. Ask any of our sales staff and we will be happy to help. We want you to spend as little as possible on your project as this makes your project even more viable than you thought. And of course we hope to get a referral.

All glass and burners can be ordered from our E Store, calling or even e mailing us for a quote before you order.

Please use the handy calculator tool below to determine the amount of Glassel you will need for your fireplace. Measure your fireplace carefully, then insert the numbers in the boxes below. Click the 'Calculate' button for your results.

The pictures below are of a self install fire pit with crushed lava rock and a clear base

1/2" to 3/4" lava rock is use just to the bottom of the ring.

fp 1

If you want a higher center then pour a little more filler on top of the ring.

fp 2

Now we will pour the crushed lava rock (1/4" to 3/8") over the filler as this will stop the glass from falling through the lava rock.

fp 3

fp 4

Finish shaping and pour the glass

fp 5

This is a 36" fire pit which requires 56 lbs for a 1" cover and 80 lbs for a 1 1/2" cover.

We used the 1" method, 56 lbs which as you can see works just fine and no you can't see though the glass.

fp 6

The second step will be to add color and toppers which we should post in a few days and night time pictures with the fire on

fp 7

Here we are showing you how to properly install a fire pit with glass whether you are using a 1”, 1½” or even the 2” method. The less glass over the crushed lava rock the more likely someone can disturb the top layer and then the lava rock could show through. We recommend starting with less and then you can always add more if you need to. As you can see we had our customer do the 1” method and it looks just fine. Now he is going to add toppers for accents and color. Don’t be fooled by someone trying to get you to purchase more than you actually need. Give us a call and we can help guide you in the right direction.


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