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Fireplace Paint

Fireplace Paint
 High Heat Paint

  • ALL Paint orders MUST ( By Law) ship by Ground ONLY.  Paint orders Cannot travel by Air.
  • Click Here to see our PDF on "How To Paint Your Fireplace"

  • It is not un-common for fireplace paint to peel over the course of time (we've see it range from between 6 months to 5 years). Any and all moisture that resides within fireplace bricks will eventually be pulled out by the heat of the fireplace. 

  • Zylene (paint thinner) is not recommended.

Fireplace Paint can
298-12 Hunter Green   298-50 Jade Green
270-18 Midnight Green   270-22 Warm Brown
270-18M Metallic Green   270-22M Metallic Warm Brown
299-75 Sapphire Blue   270-12 Midnight Brown
279-26 Raleigh Blue   270-12M Metallic Brown
270-19 Midnight Blue   270 Black
270-19M Metallic Blue   270M Metallic Charcoal
275-20 Hanover Red   270-02 Satin Black
295-60 Antique Ruby   270-70M Metallic Black
270-06 Clay Tan   270-11 Andover White
290-56 Parchment   270-54 Ivory

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Also available in Gold, Silver and Clear

Note: Due to your monitors color reproduction abilities these chips represent only a very close approximation of actual standard product colors.

Paint for stove and hearth available in many colors.

Thurmalox® Stove Paint, a high quality, premium coating, is available in a palette of decorative colors. Thurmalox Stove Paint takes stove restoration beyond traditional black; the line includes a rainbow of colors to match stove, stovepipe, and hearth accessories to a room’s décor.

This fast drying, long lasting, heat resistant silicone coating withstands intense heat up to 1200ºF and resists blistering, peeling or flaking. It is an exceptional protective finish for numerous metal items that become hot while in use. Thurmalox Stove Paint enhances stoves and stovepipes, fireplace andirons, fireplaces, screens and grates, barbecues, gas grills and hibachis.

For porcelain stoves, simply topcoat Thurmalox 290 series decorative colors with Thurmalox 293 High Gloss Clear to create a porcelain-like appearance that retains its high gloss and luster to 500F. For exterior applications, apply Thurmalox 245 Primer and 290 Topcoat.

Thurmalox Stove Paint, manufactured by Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass., is available in easy to use aerosol spray cans and a one pint brush-able black. 909 989 6129

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