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The pictures below show you how easy it is to install this yourself.

This first picture is a fireplace which is ready for an install and this is how easy it really is!

The installation is our 2" method which saves you 1/3 the cost of the glass! Don't be fooled by the antics of some installers.

riverside 1 300

After the fireplace has been cleaned and is now ready for paint.
We have installed the burner which is as easy as hooking up a garden hose.

riverside 2 300

This is a little hard to see but we have 2" of crushed lava rock under the burner which is actually your new base.

riverside 3 300

We now have pulled the burner to the top surface and covered the lava rock with sand to expose the burner. We then adjusted the flame pattern by turning the burners to obtain our flame direction.

riverside 4 300

Here is the finished product with Blue Green Reflective Base Glass and who would know that there is a 2" base of filler underneath?

riverside 5 300

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