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Home Show Display

Here is one of our trailers in Palm Springs California. This is our fourth year there (since 2006) some of the pictures posted weer from Halloween 2009. We decked the trailer out for the show and trick or treaters. As you can see we enjoy bringing new products to the public as much as they like to see them. Every week thousands of visitors stop by and tell us " I saw you on line" and "we saw you last year" and on and on. We really enjoy what we do.  What makes us different is being different for you the customer. Our display in the showroom and or any of our mobile displays are constantly changing so when you see us again it won't be the same display every time! Enjoy.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

Trailer 4

Trailer 5

Trailer 6

Trailer 7

Trailer 8

Trailer 9

We are displaying over 500 colors and products in the trailer and soon more are coming!

Trailer 10

Trailer 11

Trailer 12

We had to put our 3 headed dog in the shot.

Trailer 13

Trailer 14

Trailer 15

Trailer 16

Trailer 17





This is our newest trailer! Here are a few pictures of the outside  and tomorrow 03 17 09, we start on the interior! The trailer is 25' long, 8'6" wide and 13'6" tall! We will be displaying more than 500 colors and products in this new trailer. Enough with the minor details, here are the first pictures.

trailer 2

trailer 3

trailer 4

trailer 5

trailer 6

trailer 7

There will be more details and pictures to come in the next 3 weeks as this is how long it will take to complete this trailer.  This is the next step for several dealers who are are waiting on the completion of this Mega Trailer!


It's almost June and we are taking our new trailer to it's first show in Palm Springs on 05 28 09!  We have most of our display glass installed, pictures are being installed, lighting is being placed and the fire features will be unveiled at our Palm Springs show. Take a look and tell us what you think!
trailer 01
Glass labels still to be installed, yes the blue tape will be removed.
trailer 02
The last two displays are being built for above the doors.
trailer 03
trailer 04
10 back lit pictures will be installed overhead, yes it is 11' tall inside! To accommodate the complete display on the ceiling!
trailer 05
Rear and side electric awnings.
trailer 06
trailer 07
Side view.
trailer 08
View inside the rear door.
trailer 09
trailer 010
trailer 011
trailer 012
One fireplace is installed in the front of the display.
trailer 013
trailer 014
 and one Chevrolet Kodiak 4500 4WD to take this to the show! Just for your information the truck stands 9' tall just by its self! The trailer is 13'6" tall. The trailer is fully equipped with 20 gallons CNG, Propane, 9,500KW generator and even DC powered if we need it. We will be showing over 500 colors and many of our new products that we manufacture.
We will be posting our trailer pictures from the Palm Springs showing all of our fire features we intent to bring to show. The displays will only get more intense as we have time to install these features for the trailer.
This trailer will be used weekly in the Palm Springs.
 Here are the first pictures from May 28th 2009 in Palm Springs. For all intents and purposes the trailer was ready, although quite a few minor details we not finished and or installed we were ready to take our new trailer to show.
night 1
night 2
night 3
night 4
night 5
 night 6
night 7
night 8
night 9
night 10
night 11
The ceiling is empty now but we have a full display of pans, burners and special features to  install in this very large space.
night 12
night 13
night 14




The next few pictures below are of out Show Trailer at the Palm Springs Village Fest every Thursday evening!  We set up at 5:00 pm and stay until 10:00 pm every Thursday. We added awnings just recently and as you can see it was a much needed feature. We are always updating and planning all of our future trailers for our shows and for our future dealers. My next trailer is a 24' x 12' x 8' wide ultimate trailer!



Our Vortex Fires always draw a large crowd in the evenings.




We typically have a fire and water feature table along for additional entertainment, but we decided to build a bigger and better one for out trailer. We should have it ready to take along by November 2008.  It will include fiber optics, water feature, obviously our glass and a ring of fire all around the glass with a dancing water center.





 Our Vortex Fires at night time!





The show display below is the first of our dealer trailers and will be in Las Vegas April 28, 29 and 30th. for the first time to be seen in public. This is the first of 6 that have been ordered by new displaying dealers. There will be several different types of trailers but mostly 16' and 20' trailers.

trailer 1trailer 2

trailer 3trailer 4

Over 350 different colors and products will be displayed along with a working fireplace.

trailer 5trailer 6

trailer 7trailer 8

trailer 9trailer 10

trailer 11trailer 12

These trailers are DC powered and also come with a generator so lighting is not a problem.

trailer 13trailer 14

Side access or rear access is not a problem.

Any comments or questions please e mail me


trailer 15trailer 16

The older display will still be used in certain locations

show 1show 2

show 3show 4

show 5show 6

show 7show 8

show 9show 10

show 11show 12

show 13show 14

show 15show 16

show 17show 18

show 19show 20

show 21show 22

show 23show 24

show 25show 26

show 27show 28

show 29show 30

show 31show 32

show 33show 34

show 35


new colors 1new colors 2

new colors 3new colors 4

new colors 5new colors 6

new colors 7new colors 8

new colors 9new colors 10

new colors 11new colors 12

All the above colors are a part of our new display and the colors below are our new line of Drops.

drops 1drops 2

drops 3drops 4

drops 5drops 6

drops 7

This is our first display at the Orange County Home Show and many more to follow (Bruce Dizigns of Claremont, California was the host).

As you can see we went to show displaying over 65 products and in our next show on 11/07/03 we will be introducing seven more colors and "Aquatic Glassel Toppings" as an added product to enhance even more than we could before. Keep watching, were growing and growing.

By the way, our competition RAN AWAY at the show, sorry guys.

Here are a few pictures of out trailer at the Village Fest. Very exciting!

The pictures below are of the crowds we attract at any and all of the shows we go to. We burn natural a gas fireplace and a fire pit at all shows and we have a propane fire pit as well.

We set up downtown Palm Springs every Thursday evening on Palm Canyon Drive (HWY 111)



One of our newest inventions and products is this Vortex Fire
A little bit like a Tasmanian Devil on fire in a box!
Our first public showing was in Palm Springs at the Village Fest Art Fair in August of 2007
Here are a few pictures of the Vortex Fire in public with one of our show trailers. These Trailers are being built for dealerships. We were showing 2 fire pits outdoors, the Vortex Fire and our fireplace indoors.
vortex 1vortex 2
vortex 3vortex 4
vortex 5vortex 6
vortex 7vortex 8
vortex 9vortex 10
vortex 11vortex 12
vortex 13vortex 14
vortex 15vortex 16
vortex 17vortex 18
vortex 19vortex 20
vortex 21
This was the first public proto type which stood 36" tall. We are building 14 = 36" Vortex Fires for a party in Hawaii and we were contracted to build 32 Vortex Fires as large as 96" and as small as 48" for a Night Club/ Bar/ Restaurant in Las Vegas of we can't say at this time. But as soon as it opens we can post the pictures and let you know who it is. The first showing was a great success!

Send us your opinions of our trailer and the Vortex Fire.


This is our trailer as of August 2011

We keep modifying and adding to the display.

Our latest addition is the Fogger System by

We will explain as we move forward:

Palm Springs show trailer

We are just finishing setting up at Palm Springs.This is our 5th year there! Every Thursday evening.

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

As the evening approaches the fires get larger and more spectacular.

Palm Springs show trailer

We carry 150 gallons of water for the Fogco System in the back of the truck.

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer

Palm Springs show trailer





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