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Ice Cubes

Ice Nuggets
ice nuggets 3
ice nuggets 2
ice nuggets 1

Perwinkle Glass Cubes

perwinkle glass cubes 3
perwinkle glass cubes 2
perwinkle glass cubes 1


multi mix squares 3
multi mix squares 2

multi mix squares 1

Caribbean Blue Cubes

caribbean blue cubes 3
caribbean blue cubes 2

caribbean blue cubes 1

Square Glass Blocks

square glass blocks 3
square glass blocks 2

square glass blocks 1

Cobalt Blue Squares

cobalt blue squares 3
cobalt blue squares 2

cobalt blue squares 1


Mini Green Cubes

mini green cubes 3
mini green cubes 2
mini green cubes 1
mini red cubes 3
mini red cubes 2
mini red cubes 1
aqua green glass cubes 3
aqua green glass cubes 2
aqua green glass cubes 1
dark blue small squares 3
dark blue small squares 2
dark blue small squares 1

The fire water feature below was built by Don Whittaker and the glass that was used was:

Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Reflective Base Glass, Garnet Topper, Ice Ice Ice Topper and Cobalt Blue Opal Topping.

Here we go from the beginning:

Don 4

Don 6

Don 9

Don 17

Don 19

Don 20

Don 83

Don 94

Don 95

Don 96

Don 97

Don 1



The next several pictures are of Gisella Hunter in Palm Springs. She had us install a
Blue Green Base Glass, painted the interior a Antique Ruby Red, then she topped it with:
Red Cubes and Mini Green Drops, and a few pounds of 1/2" Bronze Base Glass mixed in on top.
Then if that was not enough, she had us build two VortexED Fires to set next to the fireplace.
Gisella Hunter 7
Gisella Hunter 6
Gisella Hunter 5
Gisella Hunter 4
Gisella Hunter 3
Gisella Hunter 2
Gisella Hunter 1




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