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Fireplaces Pictures-


Billy Idol and Nicholette Sheridan at the
AMA American Music Awards 2004


Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was installed and what we used!

Palm Desert Fireplace with Sterling Silver Panels



clear and gold

The picture above is Clear and Gold

new pit 1

new pit 2

The two fire pits above are Azutlite

black and bronze

The fireplace above is Bronze Reflective and Black Reflective over a base of Bronze.


leslie 2

The 2 fireplaces above are a clear base with 1 lb Clear Pyrite as a Topper. This fireplace was also a self install with 2" of lava rock as a base.

jay arthur 1

jay arthur 2

The two fireplaces above are that of Jay Arthur done with Starfire and 2 lbs of Gold as a Topper. Great job Jay!

colorado 1

colorado 2

colorado 3

The 3 ground cover effects pictures above are in Colorado done with Azurlite and Gray

This first picture below is a fireplace which is ready for an install and this is how easy it really is! The installation is our 2" method which saves you 1/3 the cost of the glass! Don't be fooled by the antics of some installers. The glass used in this installation is Blue Green Reflective.

riverside 1 300

After the fireplace has been cleaned and is now ready for paint. We have installed the burner which is as easy as hooking up a garden hose.

riverside 2 300

This is a little hard to see but we have 2" of crushed lava rock under the burner which is actually your new base.

riverside 3 300

We now have pulled the burner to the top surface and covered the lava rock with sand to expose the burner. We then adjusted the flame pattern by turning the burners to obtain our flame direction.

riverside 4 300

Here is the finished product with Blue Green Reflective and who would know that there is a 2" base of filler underneath?

riverside 5 300

The fireplace of Jim Drewett in Pasadena, Ca. before our new pan

Here is a close up of the new pan (call for details)

Here is the finished product of the New Pan!

Fireplace on Red Hill, Andre Silva, just a nice fire, no pan.

Andre Silva


This is the same fireplace as above, but we changed it to Starfire and
added a Fireplace Surround with special glass.


Again the same fireplace by evening.


By late evening with the glow of the new glass.


Above in Ventura Ca. by John & Linda Mors


Starfire above

The Fireplaces below in Palm Springs California were installed
Bruce Dizigns. E mail to" Bruce "

palm 1

14" x 21" pan
more fun with fire

palm 6

same 14" x 21" pan

palm 7

Pan with Starfire

palm 18

Same pan with Starfire

The pans we create spread the flames all throughout the fireplace.
The "PAN" is just another idea we produce for our customers.

palm 17

The above picture is just the pan on high flame with out any glass. Lots of flame if you so desire.

palm 12

A simple corner before

palm 9

1/4" clear base with 3/4" on top

palm 8

palm 3

Above pictures are 1/4" Clear base with 3/4" Clear topping

palm 16

Above 1/2" Clear piled up

palm 15

1/4" Azurlite above

palm 14

Another simple corner before Gold! 14KT!

palm 5

palm 10

palm 11

All pictures above are 1/4" 14 KT Gold electroplate

This Fireplaces above in Palm Springs California were installed by
Bruce Dizigns. E mail to "Bruce"
Send him an e mail, he'll like that.

1/4" Clear

This Fire Pit is 2" of 1/4" Clear covered with 15 lbs of Azurlite and 15 lbs. of Ford Blue mixed only at the top surface.

A triple burner was installed in the base of the glass

By day this fire pit is simple and decorative

By night it becomes the focal point of any gathering

Claremont California, this fireplace was fitted with a triple burner for more flame.

Anderton 1

Bill Anderton, Atlanta Georgia

Top and below pictures done in 1/4" Bronze and Clear, 1/2 and 1/2 mix.

Anderton 2

This Fireplace below in Upland California installed by
Bruce Dezigns. E Mail to "Bruce"
used 2 lbs of each color, (Multi Mix) very colorful under fire and by daylight.

dicesare 1

dicesare 3

Anderton 1

The 5 fireplace pictures below are on a 32" fireplace with our manifold/ pan below the surface. After the pan, it took only 35 lbs of Bronze glass and 5 lbs of Starfire as a Topping

matco 1

Very nice flame pattern!

matco 4

matco 6

matco 8

matco 7

Pictures below courtesy from Rick in San Diego
E mail: to "Rick" for more information

sd 1

sd 2

sd 3

sd 4

sd 5

sd 6

sd 7

sd 8

sd 9

sd 10

sd 11

sd 12

sd 13

sd 15

sd 16

sd 17

sd 18

Pictures above courtesy from Rick in San Diego

E mail: to "Rick" for more information


This is in Sacramento California

table 1

table 2

table 3

The 3 tables pictures above were created by a local company we supply glass to. If you are interested please e mail us for more details.

This is in Los Angeles and is this what your fireplace looks like?


Most people think their fireplace isn't too bad.


Really now!


We just help in adding color.


This was done in 1/4" Starfire base and 5 lbs of Gold on top.


Portable fire pit by Bruce Dizigns above

E Mail to "Bruce" for more information

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4 and finished.

Starfire topped with Bronze


e mail Bruce for any information above


Below one more Fire Table by
Brian, e mail him and ask away.
Brian has created many very personal tables, just ask.


Below is the same table by night.


The three tables below have a new water feature added and next is the water misters.
e mail for details.

tablewater 1

tablewater 2

tablewater 3

Below is in Orange County


Add a little red,


add a little Orange, over 1/2" Starfire and your done.


Below is 1/4" Starfirre with only Red Toppings. Purple was added later.


Granite backed fireplace below


With one of our manifolds for more fire!


Same fireplace with pan.




Gray with Gray Reflective on top

sylvia 1

Starfire above and below

sylvia 2

fire pit 1

Black and Gray above and below

fire pit 2

new york

Jurors Hotel Boston above

fireplace 1

Bronze base with Bronze Reflective over and Topped with Starfire

above and below.

fireplace 2

richard 6

Clear base with Green Reflective on top

above and below.

richard 5

again step one

allen 1

clean and paint

allen 2

and the final step, pour and light.

Clear base with Blue Green on top.

allen 3

Here are some pictures of 1/4" Ford Blue with Reflective on top.

This is also a self installation so follow the pictures down to see how it turned out.



this is how it looked when we arrived


installed burner and test the draft of the flame




pour lava rock and pull burner to the top




Ford Blue with Ford Blue Reflective





(patent pending) NOT ANY MORE!

The pan shown here was designed by Win, one of our orange county customers. We will start with his initial drawings and how we assisted in modifications to make is just what he wanted.

We will expalin as we go.

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

This is how most creative concepts begin, yes we help.

Win Wuttke

Here is the original fireplace, boring!

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win started with a make shift cardboard mock up, good idea for proportioning.

Win Wuttke

He decided on LED lighting underneath.

Win Wuttke

Here are our shop pictures of the test burn. Win wanted only one linear burner in the center.

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Here are the customers pictures as he installed it.

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win WuttkeWin Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Above and below are the finished pictures. Clear Base Glass was installed.

Win Wuttke

See our other metal projects on the Metal Page.

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