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Portable Fire Pits and Fire Tables

This large fire fit required a 4 in 1 manifold, four 304 grade stainless steel quad rings along with a LP/propane HWI 2 pound system with 60" lead.  We can't wait to get the final pictures with the media installed.

custom large propane fire pit custom large propane fire pit

Click on the video below.  You can watch full screen if you click the button with the 4 arrows pointing outwardly in the bottom right corner.

custom large propane fire pit

The Liptack's from Arizona had a modern backyard fire pit that needed some help.  They wanted to make sure they'd have a clean burn so we provided the propane system along with flex hoses, mounting brackets, outdoor stainless steel linear burner and 48" Propane Hose with Regulator.
Glen Liptack Glen Liptack

They topped it all of crushed lava, 1/4" Black and Iridized Scarlet ED Diamonds.
Glen Liptack

This custom concrete top was built by our customer Tim Masloski. And though it looks amazingly cool; it was also amazingly heavy!  Like Enrique Castro, the design superseded the the functionality of the piece.   The 3" thick top could have been 1" thick with a form underneath.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner
Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

Tim brought in the piece,  and we went to work installing our custom propane burner system with an aluminum base, 38" linear Burner, Thermocoupler/pilot system, 100,000 BTU regulator and 15' quick disconnect hose.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

We test the flame output, on both high and low settings to make sure the burner works properly.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

The media was 3/16" Clear, Super Black, Clear Blocks with gravel as filler.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

Turned out great Tim.

Fire Pit Pan and Burner Fire Pit Pan and Burner

Brian Jensen's propane fire pit, with a 36" square pan and 24" Stainless Steel double fire ring under a combination of 1/4" Azurlite and 3/8" Azurilte.

Brian Jensen Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen Brian Jensen

Michael built this awesome propane fire table with a tree trunk base. Below the propane Valve and air mixer is installed below the table top; allowing for easy access while keeping it out of sight.

Drift Wood Table Drift Wood Table

A 10" Stainless Steel Center-less ring surrounds his unique rock center piece which sits a-top our crushed lava rock.

Drift Wood Table Drift Wood Table

Check out Michaels website to see more of his custom work.

Drift Wood Table

An Ordinary Outdoor Fire Table - Converted to  a Fireglass Table With Propane

This was a basic wood burning fire pit purchased locally and converted with our fire pit propane kit (FPPK).  So often we receive phone calls with customers who believe that they have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to fire tables.   But the truth is, we often simply modify existing outdoor tables so that our propane units work in various formats.

convert wood burning firepit to fire pit propane kit

The fire pit below has a 1/4" Clear, 1/2" Clear Base with Red Orange Topping, Emerald Green Topping and Light Sky Blue Topping.

fire glass design for outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Propane Fire Table With Tile Top

The fire table wasn't configured correctly which is always obvious by signs of sooting (carbon monoxide - the black stuff on the glass.)

We are the only company manufacturing propane burners that are properly configured with the appropriate safety valves and air mixers to insure a clean and safe burn.  If built correctly, you can safely and cleanly burn aquatic glassel / fireglass.

outdoor propane fire table with tile top

If you purchased a propane fire table from someone else, other than us, you will have problems. So contact us today to receive the correct and safe type of propane burner to assure a clean burn.   The Aquatic Glassel used in this fire table was Starfire and Pale Cobalt Blue Topper.

outdoor fire pit furniture

Round Pan Burner

Below is a 36" aluminum pan burner for propane with a 3" outside lip. These can be made to fit any fire pit, fire table of fire fit for natural gas or propane. We can build anything! This pan has a thermocoupler for safety and air mixer built in to eliminate soot.  Contact us with your questions 909 989-6129.

aluminum pan for propane burner fire pit 1 fire pit 2

Here is an example of a 30" base with a double 24" FPPK (fire pit propane kit) stainless steel burner. You will notice the igniter and thermocoupler (heat switch for safety). The base plate is to prevent propane from leaking into the fire pit below.

bm 3 fire pit stainless steel burner bm 2

These Fire Tables are our newest addition and they are for propane or natural gas. These are the first of many pictures we will be posting.

fire 4
fire 2

fire 3
The Roxbury Hotel

The fire pit table is at the Roxbury Hotel and we will show you the process from beginning to end.  We start with the framing and making sure we understand how the gas line comes in and out out of the floor.

custom commercial outdoor firepit roxbury 5 roxbury 6

This was a propane installation with our FPPK burner. The colors used were: 1/4" Starfire, 1/2" Starfire, Gold, Lime Green Topper, Pale Olive Green Topper, Olive Green Topper, a little bit of wood and tile and here you go!

roxbury 8 outdoor custom commercial fireplace
roxbury 1 custom hotel fire pit roxbury 2

Roxbury Hotel, a cool fire pit!

custom built commercial propane fire pit

FireGlass With An Unconverted Propane Burner

The fire pit below is a failed attempt to burn FireGlass with a regular propane burner.  Remember you can't burn propane with FireGlass without modification!  If you try this, this is what it will look like.

converting fireplace to propane burner sooting burned fireglass from propane firepit stan 8

You need to calibrate the burner or it will back fire, burn black or explode!  We won't tell you who tried this but we will tell you we did fix the issue and now the customer is very happy. We did use Azurlite with Azurlite Reflective.

propane sooting on fireglass stan 13
stan 3 propane fireplace gone wrong stan 1


A Propane Fire Pit - Done Right!

The pictures below will show you how to install a propane burner and valve in your fire pit without drilling a hole in the side of your fire pit with our FPPK (fire pit propane kit).

DIY propane fire pit fppk 2

This was install in Calabasas California with Bronze and Bronze Reflective on top. The fire pit has 10" solid sides which made this a good candidate for the FPPK to be installed on the inside wall.

fppk 3 Outdoor propane firepit with propane burner fppk 6

This propane fire pit was calibrated so that every valve and ring we installed would eliminate back flow and any problems that may happen. We also installed the proper type of air mixer to insure a clean burn; eliminating the soot produced by propane. If you have a propane fire pit you know what I am talking about.

do it yourself fire pit propane kit fppk 8 fppk 7

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Lorraine Nazzareth

Click on the picture above or "HERE" to see the before and after pictures. Corten Steel Propane Fire Table.

The next Wine Barrel Fire Pit was built be Shaun Ibe.

We supplied all of the parts, knowledge base and Shaun built one really nice Wine Barrel Fire pit! We will explain as we move forward

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit
Shaun used up all of his old corks to line the top with and then he had a piece of glass made to cover the corks. Be sure you have the top made with tempered glass! Teh glasss that was used was

1/4" Clear Base Glass

Platinum Base Glass

Gold Ruby Topper

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit

See the Wine Barrel Parts Page!

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit
We supply you with creativity, parts, support, imagination and give you license to be creative on your own, after all, that's what we do and who we are!

"CLICK HERE" or on the pictures below to see what John Lehman did and how he built this table!
John Lehman Fire Table 


Click HERE or on the picture below to see all of the pictures of the Corten Steel Fire Pit!

Javier Corten Steel Fire Pit

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