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This is an experimental project which has been going on for about a year or so and we finally have found a way to change the molecular structure of Quartz! Before now when you introduced Quartz (or any other rocks) to fire it would explode! Not any more, provided you use our rocks that have been processed by us. Here are the first few pictures of a collage of some of the colors we will be introducing as a new product line. We have about 40 to 50 new Quartz colors we will introduce in a variety of sizes in the next few months.
quartz 3
quartz 2
quartz 1
We will be posting dozens of pictures in the next few days as we have the time to.
The pictures we are going to show you here are being held by a person so you can see the size, quality and compare color. We want you to know you are not getting anything recycled! We don't deal in anything recycled but we still hear all of the horror stories almost everyday, so please be careful.
quartz 4quartz 5
quartz 6quartz 7
quartz 8quartz 9
quartz 10quartz 11
quartz 12quartz 13 909 989 6129

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