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The Fire and Water feature was installed by Michael Anthony of Chicago working in conjunction and for Ahmed Hassan of Yard Crashers. We designed and built the under water fire feature you are about to see. This is a gas dome design as you will see. Besides the gas dome there was installed:

A water pump to spin the water, (we used an 8 copper finger design to spin the water),

underwater lighting (there are several variations that can be installed),

Very simply colored water for that mood effect,

Obviously gas for that fire effect (we can build these in natural gas or propane),

Let's move on so you can see what was installed!

Chicago Yard Crashers 46

First you need to plan on what features you would like then prep the bowl.

Water, lights, fire, stone or glass base, spinning water, spitting water, colored water, auto fill, drain, fiber optics, etc, etc, etc,

The Sugar Kettle was supplied by: in Chicago.

Chicago Yard Crashers 45

Here is the gas dome fire feature with the gas controls in the edge of the bowl. This can be installed where ever you like. For this show they opted for the simple installation and hang it in the fire feature in the water.

Chicago Yard Crashers 37

Below they are now installing the bowl into the base.

Chicago Yard Crashers 14

Below Ahmed oversees the flame/ gas adjusting to equalize the flame pattern. Not to worry, the flames are only on the top. I adjust with the bubble pattern and then light to visually check. These guys had so much fun they didn't give it much thought about where they were sticking their hands.

Chicago Yard Crashers 42

Let's see if we can get Ahmed to put his hands in here too!

Chicago Yard Crashers 28

Below is the finished fire pit.

Chicago Yard Crashers 26

Chicago Yard Crashers 21

Yard Crashers Ahmed in ChicagoYard Crashers Ahmed in ChicagoYard Crashers Ahmed in ChicagoYard Crashers Ahmed in Chicago

Chicago Yard Crashers 18

Chicago Yard Crashers 17

Below is Mark Anthony and Ahmed Hassan, I was there only in spirit and phone support.

Chicago Yard Crashers 24

Chicago Yard Crashers 23

Fire on water burning in this fire feature.

Yard Crashers Chicago 2010

We will post the videos of the show as it airs on HGTV/ DIY Network.

We will post more construction pictures as soon as they are made available to us. 909 989 6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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