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Rhubarb Pink Green 1859 Topping*

Rhubarb Pink/ Green Topping

rhubarb pink green 1859 3

rhubarb pink green 1859 2

rhubarb pink green 1859 1


rhubarb pink green 300

rhubarb pink green

Rhubarb Pink Green

The fireplace below has Starfire Base Glass, Rhubarb Topper, Gold Base Glass, 3/4" Starfire Base Glass  and Green Pyrite Base Glass.

dave 2

dave 3

dave 4

dave 5

dave 6dave 7

dave 8

dave 9

dave 10

dave 11

dave 1

The fireplace picture below shows what almost happened. The customer asked: Should I Paint? I think it looks good with the used marks, what do you think? I told him if he doesn't buy the paint that I would donate the paint.

He did paint and it looks great!

Now to show you a happy ending! Morris in Canada finished his fireplace any it turned out amazing!

The fireplace pictures below show a happy ending!

YUK, YUK, and YUK! Burning wood is like having an incinerator in your family room.

There is nothing pretty about a wood burning fireplace.

Now, paint the interior, connect the burner.

Pour in the filler.

Test your burner.

Pour in the glass and your done! Morris used a Starfire Base Glass and topped it with 3/4" Starfire Base Glass and Rhubarb Topper.

Very nice Morris! One of our Canadian Customers.

Rhubarb Pink/ Green 1859

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Rancho Cucamongs, California 91730
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